Fast Turnaround Times

Here at U.S. Hose & Coupling we pride ourselves on having some of the quickest turnaround times in the business!


What exactly makes us so FAST?


  • We offer an online Assembly Builder where you can create your very own unique hose assembly wherever you are. No phone call needed! No middle man!
  • Same day shipping on in-stock products ordered before 3pm EST
  • Metal Hose assemblies are welded in-house by our very own AWF certified welding crew cutting days off typical Metal Hose production times!
  • We have a dedicated cell on-site in our warehouse for Teflon (PTFE) assembly production. No cross-contamination! No out-sourcing!
  • Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff can diagnose issues correctly the first time around, getting you the solution you need in a timely fashion.


DON'T DELAY, CALL US TODAY!  (800) 344-0150